Victor Jung, Founder & CEO

Victor Jung, chairman and CEO of V Global Holdings, is a Senior C-level executive with over 30 years of experience in various industries. From Fortune 500 companies to other privately held companies, Jung has served various organizations in the past, facilitating them in vital areas to achieve success.

Victor Jung’s industry expertise ranges from financial services, real estate, and media to consumer products, food & beverage, and hospitality sectors. His innate talent and drive to achieve more, combined with his broad industry experience, make him a valuable asset to his clients. He has successfully established V Global Holdings as an international management consulting and financial advisory company known to provide innovative and workable solutions to its clients to improve their business performance and strengthen their position in the market.

Founded in 1995, V Global Holdings has served growth-oriented industries and provided advisory services valued at $2.5B to numerous firms. Under Victor Jung’s leadership, the company is ideally positioned to offer value-driven solutions that make a difference. As a highly qualified industry professional, Victor Jung possesses a diverse skill-set and holds a great deal of expertise in several key financial and operational management areas. He specializes in Mergers and Acquisitions, Fundraising, Cash Management, Strategy and Financial Planning, Business Development, Customer Relationship Management, Change Management, and Operational Controls.

In the past, Victor Jung has worked closely with various organizations, helping them overcome internal and external challenges to foster a culture of success. As a result, he understands only too well the problems most companies face when seeking business advisory solutions from a third party. His business philosophy is centered around overcoming these issues to provide tailored solutions that make an impact. As the Chairman and CEO of V Global Holdings, he has enforced his business philosophy across the firm’s operations to provide an unparalleled customer experience.

Victor Jung is your go-to industry expert for functional solutions that elevate your business’s performance, overcome existing obstacles, and achieve long-term sustainability. Book a free consultation today to discover whether V Global Holding Solutions fits you.