10 of New York City’s Best Wine Bars

Wine bars are all the rage today, and as a hub of culture and cutting-edge trends, New York City is home to an abundance of establishments that specialize in wine. These wine bars offer the best of atmosphere, quality, and overall appeal.

For wine lovers, the trick is knowing which NYC wine bars are worth visiting and which are worth passing up. Here’s a list of the 10 best wine bars in the Big Apple!

  1. Petra

Delicious Mediterranean food and a plethora of well-balanced and flavorful wines coordinate to make Petra a must-visit wine bar. Plus, caring staff members and a welcoming atmosphere encourages patrons to stay for a while and come back in the future; this is a stark contrast to some of NYC’s other wine bars, which all but demand that customers get in and get out as soon as possible.

  1. Wine:34

Wine:34 successfully puts a modern spin on wine and wine tasting. Those who’re seeking a new-and-exciting wine experience shouldn’t think twice about visiting.

  1. Coast and Valley

Coast and Valley serves solid food and features over 100 California-made wines. This is probably the largest selection of Golden Coast wines in the heart of New York, making Coast and Valley perfect for Cali natives and those who’re looking for natural blends.

  1. Fairfax

West Village’s Fairfax boasts a wholly unique (and very comfortable) layout and not a few European wines, many of which are rarely seen.

  1. BLVD Wine Bar

Located in Long Island, BLVD Wine Bar contains no shortage of stellar wines and beers. Patrons often tout the establishment’s four in-house wine blends.

  1. Pinch Chinese

Pinch Chinese is just a short drive from the Lower East Side, but it brings with it a diverse collection of tastes and flavors. Authentic, decadent Chinese food is accompanied by deceivingly well-crafted wines.

  1. Amelie

It’s often said that the French are masters of wine, and Amelie does much to support the statement. In short, unparalleled French cooking is complemented by ideal wines, and patrons therefore receive a taste of Paris—not just French fares.

  1. The Ten Bells

The Lower East Side’s Ten Bells offers a wide selection of natural wines. Those who’re in the market for a no-nonsense, no-frills wine-tasting experience—perhaps before or after having a meal elsewhere—will find much to appreciate at The Ten Bells.

  1. Brooklyn Winery

Anyone who says Brooklyn is without state-of-the-art wine bars hasn’t visited the Brooklyn Winery. It’s small, it’s obscure, and it’s one of the best spots to celebrate special occasions—while sipping rare, pleasant wines.

  1. Sirenetta

Last but certainly not least, Sirenetta is a perfect Brooklyn destination for those who’re in the mood for authentic Italian pizza and authentic Italian wine, both of which are absolutely phenomenal.

Here’s to awesome wines and awesome times in the city that never sleeps.

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