5 Classic New York Steakhouses

  1. Gallaghers Steakhouse

If you open a dictionary to the word ‘steakhouse,’ you just might find a photograph of beef-cooked-cuisine-1268549Gallaghers as the very first example. Gallaghers Steakhouse is everything you’d expect from a classic New York City restaurant. This legendary dining spot, located within walking distance from everything you might like to see in Times Square, first opened as a speakeasy in 1927. Though gone are the days of prohibition, remaining are the days of slinging up deliciously succulent cuts of steak and other mouthwatering morsels. 

Gallaghers grills its steaks over charcoal (making it one of the few restaurants in the city to do so), so you can rest assured that whether you’re eyeing the Porterhouse or the blue cheese-crusted filet mignon, you’ve got savory flavor in every bite.

  1. Smith & Wollensky

While Smith & Wollensky may have expanded into a chain, all that means is that eager patrons can enjoy classic steakhouse service and flavor with the convenience of more locations throughout the city. The restaurant is known for its signature Colorado rib steak and prime rib, but to indulge fully, we recommend sipping on a whiskey cocktail and dipping into some sorbet to cap off your meal.

  1. Sparks Steak House

While NYC hosts no shortage of award-winning eateries, each serving up something more innovative than the last, there are a handful of establishments that vow to stand the test of both time and foodie trends; Sparks Steak House is one of them. This midtown joint boasts instant steakhouse classics like steak fromage, creamed spinach, and shrimp cocktail, as well as an impressively long wine menu.

  1. Bowery Meat Company

Craving that classic steakhouse environment but fretting about the vegetarians in your party? Bowery Meat Company has something for everyone. Carnivore enthusiasts can dig into a 100-day dry-aged double ribeye or duck lasagna, while any vegetarian patrons can devour zucchini carpaccio and grilled bread topped with rich ricotta, honey, mint, chili, and toasted pecans. You might go for the meat, but trust us— you’ll stay for all of the plant-friendly offerings too.

  1. Peter Luger

This Brooklyn juggernaut features top-notch cuts of meat alongside delectably time-honored sides like onion rings, wedge salad, and french-fried potatoes. Old-fashioned and notably German in ambiance, don’t expect any ostentatious cocktails or other culinary fads. Peter Luger is as classic as it gets.

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