Defining Your Own Success Within Your Career

Defining professional success is different for everyone. Depending on the career, success can have a variety of mile markers. For some, success looks like an advancement through the corporate ladder. For others, a specific amount of earnings is important. When defining personal success in the business world, comparing one’s self to other professionals can be detrimental.

Advancement and Mastery

Staying in the same position is not a lack of advancement. In certain positions, staying in the same job can build mastery in the field. By truly understanding the ins and outs of the job, every detail is understood to perfection. This can be an asset to any company or career.

Depending on the goal of the individual, advancement can also be equated with promotion. Promotions through the field can result in higher pay, more established job titles and further opportunities within a company. There are pros and cons to each type of advancement.

Staying in the Same Job Has its Perks

Many employees may worry that staying in the same job can make them look unambitious or complacent. Although choosing to stay in the same job will mean less change, it does not equal less opportunity.

Employers hiring for the same position often favor those who are stable, loyal and content. Employees that continue to find their job rewarding are a prized asset to the company because they are often reliable and easy to work with.

Individualized Goals

Goals can change throughout the course of one’s life. Early in a career, one’s goal might be to make a specific amount of money by a specified time. Once that goal is accomplished, it’s time to reassess what’s important. Common goals reflect finance, time, family and legacy.

Having enough time for family may mean making more money early on. Depending on the field, this can mean different goals for advancement. Rising through the ranks can offer more money or stability in government jobs. Having a job that pays for continuing education can also be a step in the right direction for those who want to advance their career success.

Regardless of age, family or location, all goals are unique to the working individual. Although it is easy to fall into the trap of comparing oneself to others, it rarely reflects true success.

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