Ringing in the New York Fall with Seasonal Produce

New Yorkers who want to eat healthier this fall might get their produce from a nearby grocery store. However, they’re better off bringing in the season by getting locally-grown produce. Many foods are harvested in the autumn and their production sustains the health of customers, the economy, and the rest of the planet.

Many farmers markets are located in New York City and its surrounding regions where vendors sell flavorful produce at reduced prices during autumn. Many pumpkin-flavored assortments find their way into farmers markets during the fall as well, adding even more incentive for New Yorkers to visit them. Delicious apples can also be picked at New York orchards during the fall. At this time of year, orchards and pumpkin patches are often heavily populated.

Farm-produced crops like fruits and vegetables are at their prime during the fall. The harvest season brings on a surplus of fresh, tasty, and nutritious food. Every plant has a life cycle in which it grows and produces fruits and vegetables. Many plants finish developing their fruit this time of year. This is something that dates back to ancient autumn festivities celebrating the harvest with huge meals. Products like pumpkins, squash, and apples are famous for making a proud appearance in the fall.

Grocery store produce loses it freshness when it sits on shelves for several hours, so crops shipped over long distances must be harvested early so that their period of ripeness occurs on these store shelves. Locally-grown produce is an effective and optimal solution because it doesn’t have to travel far to reach the market. Healthy seasonal crops preserve the farmlands they grow on and aren’t tainted with harmful chemicals. As an added bonus, when sold, harvested crops also benefit the economy.

In the fall, many festive and health-conscious New Yorkers travel to conventional supermarkets and acquire seasonal items. They may not think twice and will buy their fruits and vegetables from the same store, but their health and wallets will improve when they buy fair-priced goods from local farmers markets. The health of the economy and the planet’s fertile soil are in great need of sustainment from local growers. If you’re interested in visiting a farmer’s market and browsing the many stands they have on display, then fall is the best time to do so.

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