The Value of Grit in the Business World

Many people may argue back and forth whether the term ‘grit’ can be defined as a constant drive and determination toward reaching one’s goals, or having an unbreakable spirit and strong character. A third argument could be made stating that the two claims go hand in hand. Whatever definition you agree with, there is no denying that having grit in the world of business is an incredibly valuable trait.

One characteristic that comes with true grit is courage. Whether you are in an executive position, a managerial position, or even an entry-level employee, having the ability to make courageous decisions can define success, so long as the pros and cons are weighed beforehand. Being able to properly manage any feelings of fear or doubt allows you to clearly see all possible outcomes before following through with a strategy you may be considering.

The trait of courage is enormously beneficial in business. Mistakes and failures are bound to happen, but letting that deter you from making those decisions in the first place is guaranteed failure in itself. Getting outside of your comfort zone is the first step in achieving greatness. In order to do that however, you must first develop courage as a daily habit. Like many other skills, it must be practiced. Once you have reached a level of courageousness that allows you to thrive in the business world, you can be defined as an individual possessing grit.

Making bold decisions is indeed a commendable action in business, but not all follow through. Dedication and perseverance are mandatory if one is to adapt grit. Never expect an immediate decision to pay off, well, immediately. It is a rare occurrence, and to truly achieve goals that you’ve set, you’ll want to dedicate as much time and effort as you can into them, refusing to stop until they are complete. Obviously, setting long-term goals implies that nothing will be achieved overnight, so implementing the mindset of working on a regular basis for long periods of time should be done early on.

Throughout all of this, exuding confidence is another way to display grit in the world of business. While it is not necessarily required, it can go a long way, and in turn, lead to more courageous decisions. Business leaders who doubt themselves often fail to reach their full potentials. Being confident in your every move not only benefits your overall production, but shows others that you truly understand the decisions you are making and why you are making them. However, you must be able to separate excellence from perfection. Those who strive for nothing but perfection are often unsatisfied no matter how great the achievement.
Though these are just a few, possessing characteristics that can be defined as grit can take you much further in the business world than you may think. Employees of all levels who exude confidence in their decision making skills, courage in times where it is required, and perseverance in achieving goals display incredible professionalism, which is often noticed by their superiors.

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